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Are you ready to purchase your ATM machine? Capital ATMs USA offers ATM Sales and Leasing options to fit all of your ATM needs. We deal with direct sales in which our prices include shipping, programming, processing, and consultation for your business! For the advancement and growth of your business, we provide you the option of lease-to-own ATM machines. Our easy and cost-effective plans will allow you to have a new attractive product and quality ATM machine for little cost. We make this option easy to apply for and readily available to you. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your needs and see which of our programs is the right one for you. We are optimistic that with our exceptional Sales and Lease-to-Own services, we can help you in achieving satisfaction with low cost and no downtime!

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ATM Pricing

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ATM Essentials

Now that you have your ATM in your business an everything is running smoothly, what are the essentials that you may need to replace after a while?

Capital ATMs USA explains all the necessary ATM essentials that you are going to need for the life of your ATM.

ATM essentials on site that you should be checking and replacing as needed are as follows:

  1. Printer paper. The ATM receipt paper roll can last quite some time, however this will eventually need to be replaced. ATM receipt paper rolls cost around $5.00 per roll but depending on your transaction volume can last a very long time.
  2. Check antennas on ATM and reposition if necessary (if you are using a communication device and not a direct connection). When you use a communication device such as an OptConnect communication device for your ATM they require magnetic antennas to go on top of the ATM. This is how the processor receive the information from your ATM and tells it what it need to do with each transaction. Sometimes these antennas can get moved around by customers or employees. If you are having any complications with communication of your ATM these antennas would be the first thing to check. If you notice they have been moved then place them back where you had them in order to get the optimal connection speed and transactions possible.
  3. Check bottom of ATM for any irregularities such as cords that need replacing or anything that looks out of the ordinary. Very rarely do any of these parts need to be replaced but it is always good practice to check the cords when you load the ATM with money to ensure that everything is still in good working condition.
  4. Check for cleanliness and clean as needed. ATMs can collect a lot of dirt and dust after a while and customers need to be able to see what they are doing on the screen in order for you to get more transactions and more income. Be sure to keep your ATM cleaned periodically to ensure everything keeps running smooth.
  5. There is a battery for your vault located inside of the ATM. This needs to be checked periodically to ensure that it is working properly.
  6. Additional non-essential optional items for you ATM can include ATM stickers that can be placed on the ATM, the door to your business, and/or gas pumps, ATM signs to hang in the window of your establishment, and many other optional add-ons. For more information about all the additional options that your ATM has contact Capital ATMs USA here:

Everything you need to know about purchasing an ATM

Thank you for visiting our website. Interested in placing an ATM in your business, at Capital ATMs USA, we strive to help our customers with all their ATM needs. We have lease/purchase options available. We have the capability to process debit/credit cards for your purchase or we have a leasing option also. We handle all the paperwork and processing for you.

The first question you may ask yourself when deciding to purchase an ATM is what costs are associated with buying an ATM? And you may also wonder how the process works, how do I get my money? What type of bookkeeping is involved? Is there a warranty? These as well as many other topics will be covered in this blog post, if you’re interested in purchasing an ATM but want all the facts before making that decision, you are in the right place!!!

We recommend the GenMega G2500. This machine has a 1,000 Note Removable Cassette, 8″ 32-bit Color High Res LCD Screen, 12 Month Warranty, e-lock combo lock, One Roll of Paper, Integrated Topper, and EMV Card Reader. We use these machines in our locations. The cost of the GenMega G2500 ATM is $2300. The paper roll that comes with the machine will last for a while, but when you  need paper, we have paper rolls available for $5.00 a roll.

Bookkeeping for an ATM is simple. You will need a bank account for the vault cash to settle into and your regular operating account can be used for the surcharge deposit. We recommend that you get the surcharge deposit monthly; that will keep the reconciling of your account simple. The vault cash account will be a daily deposit and is deposited into your account the following day of transactions. The settlement time every day is from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, it is a 24 hour cycle. There will be access to the processing website for specific reports (i.e. Detail Transaction Report, Transaction Summary Reports, and ACH (Deposit) Reports) to reconcile the transactions to the deposits.

As far as the terminal surcharge fees, I would imagine you want to be competitive with the area, you would need to research in your area to see what the other ATMs are charging.  The amount of money in the machine would be determined by the amount of money being withdrawn. This machine will hold 1,000 bills. If you choose to put the money in yourself, all the surcharge revenue would go to you. We have detailed instructions that are provided for loading the machine with cash.

We are looking forward to helping you increase your business profitability with the right ATM. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call me at 256.766.0010.

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What You Need To Know About Starting an ATM Business

Do Your Research and Create a Business Plan. Research funding options, partners, ATM locations, contracts and ATM models. To get started, join ATMIA and visit the ATMIA Market Research Library to access industry statistics, white papers and best practices. Partner with a Registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) / Independent ATM Deployer (IAD). When you are first getting started it pays to have an experienced partner. ATM operators generally pay a great deal of money to have bank sponsorship, register with the networks and become an ISO. By working with a partner, you’ll gain access to their bank sponsor, save a great deal of money and have an experienced partner by your side. Visit ATMIA’s Member Showrooms to find the ISO/IAD partner that best fits your business plan. Each ISO/IAD will have different monthly fees, reporting requirements, processors, services and support.
Set Up Accounting & Contracts Open Bank Accounts for Surcharge Revenue and Cash Settlement. To learn about ATM balancing, managing procedural issues, and identifying cash surplus and shortages. ATMIA offers affordable online ATM Operator Training. Ensure All Necessary Paperwork Your ISO Partner Requires is Signed and Filed with both your bank, ISO/IAD and the sponsor bank. Develop Contracts to Protect Your Business. When obtaining ATM locations, contracts with the location are highly recommended. Your partner ISO will probably have contracts you can use. In the U.S., network rules prohibit an ATM operator to market ATMs without a registered ISO. All material you use, including agreements, should reference your ISO/IAD in some capacity. That capacity might differ from one ISO/ sponsor bank to another. ATMIA also offers valuable industry tips on writing contracts: Visit ATM Business Efficiency Models and Event Presentations or reach out to one of our ATM Consultants for direct guidance.
Purchase the Right Equipment for Your Locations. There are primarily two ways in which to purchase ATM equipment: directly from the ATM manufacturer or through a reseller such as your partner ISO/IAD. When purchasing ATM hardware keep in mind that each location is different and may require different screen sizes, dispenser capacities, different levels of security such as a cabinet or level 1 safe, topper signage and functionality. Do your research. There are a number of ATM models on the market today from refurbished ATMs to advance function ATMs with the ability to dispense multiple currency denominations, take deposits and offer additional services such as dynamic currency conversion, perform cardless ATM transactions, dispense gift cards or top up cell phones. When doing your research, look for models that best fit the needs of the location today and in the future. As new services become available at the ATM, you can keep up with changing technology by subscribing to ATMIA’s Regional Newsletters, visiting the Newsroom, and downloading White Papers, Market Research and Best Practices
Compliance & Security
Keep Up with Compliance & Security Changes. The ATM industry is constantly working to improve security to stay ahead of thieves looking to steal the cash inside the ATM and consumer account data. As new compliance mandates and security measures become available, ATM operators are required to keep up with these changes and upgrade their terminals as needed. In addition, each country, region and municipality have rules and regulations that affect ATM operations. ATMIA provides operators with tools that make staying in compliance and securing your ATMs easier. To stay abreast of compliance updates, visit ATMIA’s Compliance Portal. ATMIA also offers Best Practices to secure your ATMs physically and through software. ATMIA has several working committees, including a Government Relations Committee which discusses current legislation affecting the industry.

To get started on your ATM business, check out our sales and service page as well as our ATM pricing page for more information!

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How Do You Know if you Need An ATM?

How do you know if you need an ATM? Ask yourself the following:

• Do your customers ask you 1 or 2 times daily if you have one or where they can find an ATM?
• Do you have lots of customers at least 50  to 100 people each day?
• Do most of your customers prefer to use cash for purchases at your store?
• Are most of your in-store purchases less than $5.00?

If you answer yes to two or more of these questions then most likely you need an ATM to help your business grow.

There are options for every business model, event, and service for their ATM needs!

If you want to make money from an ATM without spending thousands to install and maintain it, you can always use an ATM service such as CAPITAL ATMs USA. We’ll install and service the ATM for free while you earn a commission on withdrawals. In many cases we can bring it and install it the very next day you order it!     Call us for a free consultation today! Contact us at 256-766-0010 

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The Art of the Deal in ATMs

ATM breakdown and information on dealing in ATMs. If you are considering an ATM for your business this is a must read.

FULL SERVICE: Customer purchases it and puts their cash in it.

VAULT CASH IT: Customer owns machine and we/ or another Co. puts their money inside.

OTHER WAY CASH: CAPITAL ATMs USA owns the machine and the customer (you) put your cash in it.

LEASE AGREEMENT: With good credit you can lease to buy out an ATM from CAPITAL ATMs USA $2.00/day

Today we sold a location of ours the ATM we placed and cash vaulted for 15 years. We’ve had a very good relationship but they felt they really wanted to try their hand at running the ATM. So we sold the ATM to them at a reasonable price and tried to persuade them to let us vault cash it for them at $1.00 per transaction. They decided they would make more money by doing it all themselves.  But here’s the real picture.

Bought ATM for $1200.00 (used)

Their money inside for $4000.00  V.C. (Vault Cash)

The ATM is a one time  expense so I won’t show this in the example. But the V.C. is every week and sometimes $5000.00 which is now tied up for good. What’s their return (ROI)? If they do 150 transactions/month at $2.50 they should receive $375.00. First deduct the processing fee of  about $25.00. When we were giving them full service we were paying them $1.00 per transaction. They received $150.00 and no processing fee. Right now the gap is only $200.00. Not bad right? ROI is 48% for the year. It’s even better than the stock market but less riskier. However, here’s the rest of the story.  The owner could have taken that $5000.00 and invested it in a new product line for his store and customers. The ROI would likely be much greater for  a new “PIZZA” or Sandwiches or Hoagies To Go And he’d keep making his money back month after month without tying it up for ever. And if someone broke in to his store would they take the ATM or the PIZZA Maker?