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You know you need an ATM, but you are not sure how much it will cost. Visit our ATM Pricing page by using the button below! Our mission is to deliver unbeatable customer satisfaction. As part of that mission, we give you up-front ATM pricing and the right information, so you know what you are getting without having to call. If you need to know more about any of the ATM prices or models just contact us and let one of our ATM experts guide you to the right fit for your ATM needs.

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Capital ATMs USA offers Free ATM Placement Programs where we cover all the costs and maintenance of the ATM and you collect a monthly income from it! Get the benefits of having an ATM at your business or event without all of the headaches and stress of owning and maintaining it yourself. For more information about our Free ATM program and how you can qualify visit our Free ATM placement program page.


We Are A Team Of ATM Experts

First established in 1988 in Florence, Alabama as Capital Vending.

Our original endeavors focused on Amusements, Bulk Candy and Toy sales.
Then with the free trade of the financial industry in 1999, Capital ATMs experienced a great increase in development providing ATM programs and help to a wide variety of clients and businesses. Capital ATMs USA has grown from a single service vending company to one of the largest ATM providers for sales, service, and operations in the Southeast Region.

Today, you will find that Capital ATMs USA can provide you with the best selection, service, and opportunity for ATMs in your business.

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Want more information about the ATM business? Visit our blog section here, where Capital ATMs USA and our team of experts gives you relevant information about the ATM industry.

How Do You Know if you Need An ATM?

How do you know if you need an ATM? Ask yourself the following: • Do your customers ask you 1 or 2 times daily if you have one or where they can find an ATM? • Do you have lots of customers at least 50  to 100 people each day? • Do Read More

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The Art of the Deal in ATMs

ATM breakdown and information on dealing in ATMs. If you are considering an ATM for your business this is a must read. FULL SERVICE: Customer purchases it and puts their cash in it. VAULT CASH IT: Customer owns machine and we/ or another Co. puts their money inside. OTHER WAY CASH: CAPITAL ATMs USA Read More

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Here are some of the projects we have done in the past providing ATMs to businesses as well as events and services.

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