Sales & Leasing

For the advancement and growth of your business, we provide you the option to lease an ATM machine or machines. Our easy and cost-effective plans will allow you to have a new attractive product and quality ATM machine for little cost. We make this option easy and available to you. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your needs and see if this program is the right one for you. We are optimistic that with our exceptional Sales and Leasing services, we can help you in achieving satisfaction with low cost and no downtime!

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Merchant Services

CAPITAL ATMs USA provides you with a working channel to make transaction processing easy for you and your ATM users. Our highly proficient team will deliver efficient solutions related to financial services and will cater all that matters from credit card acceptance to debit card transactions. We strive to provide a completely secure, efficient and user-friendly system to all our merchants.

All our merchants receive a processing statement once each month that shows you exactly how your ATM is doing. At Capital ATMs we can be reached at any time to explain or answer your concerns.

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Festivals & Events

Make your event an experience to remember. We provide ATMs and easy cash access for all your patrons. The tangible benefits of providing flexibility for your customers give your event or festival greater opportunities for increased revenue. No matter the venue is on a beach, a sporting event, air show, marathons, or concerts; you can trust our professionals and services they deliver. Whether you are expecting a thousand people or over a million, our expertise can help your event be more successful.

We make sure your customers enjoy the secure and efficient way of getting cash at special – events and festivals with our mobile ATM machines. We deliver what we promise every time.

To learn more and find out how we can help your event be more profitable, please check out our gallery to see our event portfolio

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Vault Cash Services

We fill your ATM with our cash that means, you can use your cash to work on your business instead.
Our research tells us that the average return is only 1.5% (ROI) on $4000 per week if you load your own ATM each month.
Your $2000 $4000 or $10000 could be reinvested for a better return on a new product line in your business instead.
Our funds work for you in your ATM. No Risk * No trouble * We keep all your records for you, and this includes paying the disputes and charge backs. We take all the “headaches” out of stocking your ATM.

Enjoy the profit and let us handle the details.

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Sales & Leasing

For the advancement and growth of your business, we provide you the option to lease an ATM machine or machines.

Repairs And Maintenance

We have a professional and skilled team of programmers and technicians who are always ready to deliver repair and maintenance services to our customers.

ATM Processing

CAPITAL ATMs USA delivers quality services to our clients every time. Along with quality ATM machines, we provide connection to all networks

Buy ATM Machines

Capital ATMs USA is partnered with leading brands like GenMega and Nautilus Hyosung to provide the best quality ATM machines

We provide a wide range of business services.

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